Background: The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of sexual dysfunction and to investigate whether there is a change in sexual dysfunction after six months of methadone maintenance therapy MMT compared with baseline. Patients and Methods: We recruited male Iranian patients from several centers offering methadone maintenance therapy MMT. The statistical method used for analyzing data was the Mann-Whitney U test. The baseline mean score on the IIEF was Analysis indicated significant improvement in erectile function, sexual desire, overall satisfaction, and orgasmic function after methadone maintenance treatment. ... Read More
They only got acquainted together recently rather by accident, at a bowling alley of all places! But their first time play happens only here, on FTV. After fooling around and making out, playing and fondling, they do possibly the longest lesbian video you will ever see. They simply did not stop playing, from oral, toy after toy, orgasm after orgasm. The videographer quietly taped it all, without interruption. ... Read More
What do you think when you see a child throwing a tantrum, a tween using profanity or a teen taunting a vulnerable peer? Many parents believe that a high IQ and great test scores are the best indicators of how successful their children will be at realizing ambitious goals. If you want your children to be truly successful in life, you need to help them cultivate strong self-control. In fact, studies show that compared to IQ and SAT scores, self-control is twice as predictive of health, income levels and relationship stability in adulthood. Self-control helps children succeed in virtually every aspect of life, including academic success, romantic happiness, physical health and financial stability. ... Read More